The Family of God

In this episode Herbie teaches us about belonging to the family of God and what that means to us as believers. Herbie also previews his upcoming trip to Uganda.

Columbia Adoption with Beth Stanley

In this episode, Herbie Newell and Beth Stanley discuss adoption in Latin America, specifically the country of Colombia. For more information about Colombia adoption, visit

Life is a Vapor

In this episode, Herbie Newell recounts how a recent family trip reminded him that life is a vapor and how we should be living intentionally in the present for the glory of God.

Supporting Birthmothers through Life Affirming Ministry

In this episode, Herbie Newell talks with VP of Domestic Programs, Christie Mac Segars and Birthmother Counselor, Christy Harmon about how Lifeline is serving women in unplanned or crisis pregnancies who may be considering abortion and what it means to be life-affirming and not just-pro-birth.

The Importance of Dads in Response to California Travel Ban

In this episode of the Defender Podcast, Herbie Newell addresses the controversial travel ban instituted by California to states it deems "discriminatory". Herbie addresses this issue from the stand point of a faith-based adoption agency, whom these "discriminatory" laws were design to protect and calls