Foster Care Initiative

The Lord has called Lifeline Children's Services to care for and disciple the fatherless, the orphan, birthmothers, and adoptive families. From 1981 until September 2009, the heart of Lifeline had been displayed through birthmother counseling and ministry, adoption services both internationally and domestically, and international orphan

Only Because of the Gospel

Easter Sunday is the most fundamental, essential, and important day in the life of any Christ-follower.  We acknowledge this fact each year on Easter Sunday when churches all throughout the nation recruit child-care workers, put out metal chairs, increase the amount of ushers, and find

Esperanza – The Hopes and Dreams of the Orphan

Bogota, Columbia - On a nondescript street in the heart of Bogota stands 6 individual housing units scattered within the neighborhood. To a casual observer, you may believe that these units contain single families or a few multiple families, until you walk inside. Once inside,